Suicide Prevention Training

What is QPR?

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) is suicide prevention gatekeeper training.  A gatekeeper is someone who is equipped to recognize the warning signs of someone who may be contemplating suicide.  Gatekeepers can be anyone and does not require or ask a person to take on the role of a mental health therapist or counselor.  QPR aims to teach gatekeepers how to:

  • Recognize the warning signs of suicide
  • Offer hope
  • Know how to get help (where to refer)

How do I get QPR Trained?

Currently there are six QPR Trainers in Marquette County.   The QPR Training will take about an hour and is no cost to your agency/group.  The trainer will need a space to show a video as well as a PowerPoint.  We are able to travel on-site and are able to do day or evening trainings.  Please contact Sarah Derwin at (906) 315-2621  to set up a training for your business, organization, or your community group.

How do I become a QPR Trainer?

Interested in becoming a QPR Trainer?  Please contact Sarah Derwin if you are interested in becoming part of our training team!  There are opportunities and we would be happy to have an additional QPR Trainer!

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